Fabrication - Overview

Metal Creature works in a sweet spot at the intersection of waterjet, press forming, welding, and a well-tooled machine shop. We do a great range of precision fabrication work quickly and relatively inexpensively. Designing for waterjet expands your options beyond straight lines, round holes and conventional joinery.

Architectural Metal - functional metal work with an emphasis on precision, finish, aesthetics. We've made railings, stairs, kitchen stainless, window and door hardware, siding, trim, flashing.

Structural Metal - precisely cut and welded column, beam, rafter and other hardware

Sheet Metal - prototype and short run press brake forming, fastener insertion, custom tool making et. al. for industry

Art - waterjet is a great starting point for art components in metal and other media

Prototype Manufacturing - a step beyond components

Stephen TIG welding a cider press main frame in its assembly fixture.