Architectural Metal

Metal Creature fabricates kitchen and bath stainless, stair and railing components, custom door and window hardware, interior and exterior trim details, Cor-Ten exterior and garden features, bespoke fine-finished metal furniture.

We don't do on-site welding or other installation work, but we go the extra mile to ensure our work is precise and easily installed by general contractor crews.

We excel at problem solving and fabricating solutions to contractors' last-minute installation surprises.

Please see our separate pages for Structural Metal and Architectural-grade Metal Signs.

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This entry canopy features a Cor-Ten top draining into a 36" longitudinal slot cut into the side of the sculpted pipe gutter.

We fabricated the steel components of this library catwalk. The hanger rods are 1-1/4" dia steel round bar, cross-drilled for the tensioned wire and railing support, and threaded both ends. The hangers at top are brake-formed 1/4" steel. The floor is grating supported by a rectangular tube.

Photo courtesy of Greg Kruse,, Vashon, WA.

This custom kitchen vent was cut in 18 ga stainless, brush finished, brake formed to precise shape, TIG welded and the finish blended.

This set of deck railings in 316SS was fabricated using customer-provided templates. The 3/8" rods are not welded; they are captive, loose in holes and oval slots CNC machined in the post sides.

Designer Jonah Griffith's 180" countertop is cut in sections in 8 ga stainless steel, joined with waterjet-cut dovetail joints with a few-thousandths fit. The sections are secured from below via weld studs. This was an experiment that worked out well.

We CNC machined these 23-degree angle adapter blocks in 304 stainless as a solution to a contractor's design problem, finding no other way to hinge a glass shower door to an angled wall.

These underhung office drawers are fabricated as brake-formed 16ga stainless steel boxes using industrial drawer slides and 3/16" brushed aluminum drawer fronts. Folders hang directly on the drawer edges. The slides attach to brackets hung from threaded inserts embedded in the butcher block. A mass-manufactured product would use far thinner metal with formed ribs for stiffness; this bespoke product has simple geometry and a substantial feel.

These Cor-Ten privacy screens are cut with 4 different size holes in a software-generated pattern.

These window planter boxes are cut in 10 ga Cor-Ten and trimmed with square tube.

Below, a 48 x 96" cantilevered steel entry awning.

This custom strike plate in 12 ga stainless steel was made to accommodate a double-swing door with a roller catch.

Below, a bespoke brushed stainless steel TP holder, with matching towel bars and robe hooks.

These copper caps were cut to fit templates made for the tops of a pair of wood columns framing an entryway.

For a 1/2" steel firewood box sharing a room with Nakashima furniture, we chose to make dovetail joints. This was subsequently blackened and waxed.

This copper pyramid is on top of a church steeple somewhere in Seattle. We cut and formed the pieces; the customer soldered the seams.

Bespoke HVAC vent in 48oz copper.