Prototype Manufacturing

Prototype manufacturing encompasses all the processes we offer. The examples below combine design, waterjet and conventionally machined parts, welding and/or assembly.

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After finding nothing comparable as an existing product, Bob designed these compact, light weight, double-sided stacking signs for a Bellevue school. They're cut in .06", .1" and .25" aluminum, and 1/8" polycarbonate; brake formed and assembled with POP rivets and threaded fasteners. Ten stack in barely more than the space of one, and can be picked up with one hand.

These 7' long tapered frames were cut in 1/8" 6061 aluminum; with tab-slot joints for alignment; sections rolled and/or brake formed; then jigged up over a full-size template on our 3500 lb cast & machined steel layout table, and TIG welded. The template was waterjet cut in 1/4" MDF.

This concept/prototype gear drive and shafts was made using only raw waterjet parts for the case (tab-slot welded), the bearing housings (stacked up waterjet cut plates and shims), and spur gears. Just a few lathe parts.

Waterjet-cut spur gears are not useful for high speed or high duty cycle applications, but they're great for hand-powered and other appropriate applications.

These quick & dirty filter screen panels were waterjet cut in 8 gauge stainless, holes countersunk on the Bridgeport, and assembled sandwiching a woven wire mesh also cut to size and with holes using the waterjet.

These stainless steel square tube sections were formed to a precise small radius using a crush die that we made in the shop and used in our Hossfeld bender. The ends were then saw cut guided using a waterjet-cut template.

Bob conceived and designed Meadow Creature's Avalon Cider Press product for waterjet fabrication, with loose and welded tab-slot connections, and tesselated parts using common-line cutting to reduce cut cost and waste. All the sheet and plate parts are cut, formed and welded in our shop.

The ribbed baskets and reinforcing bands are cut in 18 ga stainless, formed with the press brake, then riveted.