Structural Metal

Contractors appreciate the difference between basic structural components cut using a plasma cutter and drill press vs. cut with waterjet. Our structural components have clean edges, clean precisely located holes, and precise weld fitups.

We typically work from architects' or engineers' PDF prints. Contractors sometimes ask us to work from the Simpson® catalog to create connectors having a higher grade appearance.

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The columns have 1/2" steel bases, 4" square tube and 1/4" steel beam saddles.

The column bases are fabricated in 1/4" steel.

These beam hangers, post to beam corner brackets, and rafter kerf plates were fabricated in 1/4" and 3/8" steel.

These jack plates were cut in 3/8" and 1/2" steel plate, and 1-1/2" pipe. These were for tying a foundation to pin piles.

These beam and truss connectors in the entry at Vashon Ace / Thriftway are waterjet-cut 1/4" steel, with no additional operations.

These roof structure components were cut in 1/4" steel and brake formed; no welding.