About Us

Meadow Creature LLC and our MetalCreature.com™ service brand represent founder Bob Powell's life-long interest in manufacturing technologies and mechanical design. After an MIT engineering education and a career in systems software development, Bob tired of sitting at a desk and returned to his roots to launch a manufacturing business. The seeds of the business were the needs of our local farming community. We've since grown to support a wide range of art and industry.

Meadow Creature/MetalCreature.com has 5 full-time staff and rents 6800 sq ft in the Sheffield building, an industrial space in the heart of Vashon Island formerly occupied by the K2 ski corporation.

Bob's reflection in a 1964 Univac hard drive platter - 250KB per side.

Meadow Creature LLC exists in part to give back. Since our founding in 2009, we've donated over $100,000 in products and services to non-profit organizations who help empower people to feed themselves and protect global health and environment, and to our local community. We've donated over 140 broadforks across the U.S. to schools, community gardens and other non-profits where people learn to grow food and share skills.

Red Oak Community, Indiana

Meadow Creature has a special relationship with Burn Design Lab, a leading global developer of clean-burning, fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves, beginning with Burn's incubation within our shop in 2010.

In 2012 Burn spun off Burn Manufacturing Corp., which to date has manufactured and sold over 500,000 stoves at its factory in Nairobi, Kenya.

BDL is now an entirely independent organization, and remains our neighbor tenant.

Since 2010, Meadow Creature/Metal Creature has donated the material, programming and waterjet cutting for over 1000 stove prototypes representing hundreds of design iterations, enabling the rapid refinement that has been key to Burn's success. Bob is a founding board member of BDL and minority owner of BMC.

Bob's first hammer