Burn Design Lab

Meadow Creature has a special relationship with Burn Design Lab, a leading global developer of clean-burning, fuel-efficient biomass cookstoves, beginning with Burn's incubation inside our shop in 2010.

Burn has since spun off Burn Manufacturing Corp., which to date has manufactured and sold over 500,000 stoves at its factory in Nairobi, Kenya. BDL remains our neighbor tenant.

Since 2010, Meadow Creature/Metal Creature has donated the materials, programming and waterjet cutting for over 1000 prototype stoves, representing hundreds of design iterations, enabling the rapid refinement key to Burn's success.

Bob is a founding board member of BDL and minority owner of BMC. Please contact Bob if you would like to tour Burn Design Lab or just learn more about Burn. It's a great enterprise that needs all the help it can get - don't be shy.

BDL offers internships for exceptional engineering and materials science students.