Why MetalCreature.com?

MetalCreature.com™ is a responsive, small shop, with five full-time staff. We are primarily a word-of-mouth business - treating you right is our business strategy.

We offer a wide range of capabilities under one roof, with emphasis on parts that begin with waterjet and involve press brake forming, fastener insertion, TIG welding and/or secondary machining.

We love working with artists and makers, and can work with your design in whatever form - Solidworks 3D models; PDFs; Illustrator; scans of scale paper drawings; dimensioned napkin sketches; cardboard templates. We routinely work with art materials and unusual waterjet applications.

We stock 30,000 lb of the most common steel, stainless and aluminum alloys and thicknesses, for fast turnaround at reasonable prices for the materials required for most projects.

Small waterjet projects typically ship in two business days, with same-day shipment possible when needed.

Larger projects are scheduled based on our workload, but as half our business is manufacturing Meadow Creature's agricultural tools, we enjoy the flexibility to prioritize customer work over our own.

We're located on an island accessed only by ferry, but ship UPS every day, for inexpensive next-day ground service delivery to western WA.

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Kinetic art bearing hubs, CNC machined from 2.5" 6061 round bar.

Ladder chain sprockets, waterjet cut in stainless sheet.