Prototype machining and tool making is a specialty for us. CNC machining is a different beast than waterjet - with planning, programming and machine setup, the minimum cost for any CNC machining job is higher than for most waterjet parts. However, waterjet offers a particular advantage for many parts, by replacing one or more tricky CNC mill setups with waterjet-cut part blanks followed by fewer and usually simpler mill setups, at far lower overall cost vs. straight CNC machining.

Most of our machining work involves using our Fadal vertical machining center to perform second operations on parts that begin on the waterjet. This is a win for a broad class of parts where the waterjet-cut edges and mill surfaces of plate are adequate for primary part features, and machining is required only for certain features - typically for threading, for making holes not perpendicular to the primary part surface, and for 3D contouring.

We maintain a Solidworks Professional subscription, and BobCAM for 3-axis mill, and so can work with any standard CAD model. We also maintain a well-equipped toolroom machine shop, with a late-model LeBlond Regal 15" lathe, a Bridgeport copy, Harig surface grinder, and the usual setup and inspection equipment.

Our facility is best suited to certain types of parts. If you need CNC lathe parts, or thousands of a small part that does not begin as a waterjet blank, we recommend Cyclefab LLC, Fine Grain Metal and Kenworthy Machine, three Seattle area shops we've worked with extensively.

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