CNC Machining

The parts shown below are machined from bar stock blanks using our Fadal 4020, with no waterjet operations.

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These hubs made from 2" 6061 may look at least partly like lathe parts, but were fully machined using the Fadal mill. A fixture facilitated clocking the counterbores with the half-round cross hole.

On account of the end features, these 17" long T-slot and slide parts required a vertical setup, and used the full height envelope of the Fadal. Each part was machined in 4 setups.

This housing was machined in 6061 aluminum in four setups, with M3 and M2 rigid-tapped holes, reamed holes, bearing pockets, and the customer logo engraved on the front.

This pin material is Thompson shafting at RC60 hardness to a ~.05" case depth. It's been CNC machined using carbide tooling.

These reservoirs were machined in PETE and required careful planning to cut the thin wall profiles without distortion.

These one-off hinge adapter blocks machined in stainless steel solved a glass shower door design problem. These were machined in two setups, then brush finished.