For Makers

Metal Creature can help you make small or substantial projects in aluminum, steel and other metals, at reasonable cost and with fast turnaround. Art components, architectural details, signs and plaques, robot parts, tools, panels, sheet metal enclosures. If you can imagine it as a 2D flat pattern, we can waterjet it for you. Please see the Site Intro for information about services beyond waterjet cutting.

The minimum charge for basic waterjet parts in stock material is around $85 - see Cost and Payment Terms.

For general information about how to design parts to take best advantage of waterjet, and to help ensure your parts fit together and otherwise meet your expectations, please read Design for Waterjet and Tolerances and Finish.

We've tried to make this site useful, with design guidelines, suggestions, and Handy Reference Information for use in your 3D and 2D CAD work. We're grateful for your feedback on improving this section. Send your suggestions & let us know what you'd like to see.

While we can work with your design in almost any form or format, electronic or not, it's most cost-effective for you to send clean vector CAD in a standard format and that satisfies waterjet design guidelines. Please read CAD Requirements to learn about how we process your artwork in various formats from napkin sketches to Solidworks models.

Choosing Materials offers suggestions about aluminum and steel.

If you're designing parts for us to form using the press brake, be sure to read Sheet Metal Bending.

Chain sprockets do work better if the teeth are tapered on a lathe.