Cost and Terms

Our base charge for waterjet work for most projects is $65: that's for the time to study your project, process your art, nest and program, pull material, set up to cut a group of parts in one material, then clean and store the remnant -- the base charge does not include the actual cutting. The base charge is primarily for the setup, and so may be for a single part, or a group of several different parts, so long as they're cut from the same material and in the same setup. Each additional material or thickness typically adds $40. A typical minimum order including waterjet cutting is $85. Please note these are just examples - we quote actual cost in response to your specific inquiry.

Small projects are prepaid by credit card.

We ship UPS every day. UPS ground service usually arrives overnight within western WA. The typical cost to deliver a small box up to 20 lb within western WA is $10 for a commercial address, $13 for residential, $16 for rural.

Cut cost:

Several factors determine the per-part cut cost. The material type and thickness, the total length of cut edge for all internal and external features, and the complexity of the cut geometry - long smooth or straight-line cuts vs. small holes, sharp corners and fine detail.

As a gross approximation, the cut cost for 1/8" aluminum, or for 1/16" steel, is typically $1 to $2 per linear foot of total cut length (sum of the lengths of all lines and arcs in the part), depending on edge quality and part geometry. Please note the cut cost is in addition to the setup cost.

For 1/4" steel, typically $3 to $7 per linear foot.

For most material above 1/16" thick, cut cost tracks roughly in proportion to the material thickness.

That's not a quote, but it may be helpful as a test to determine feasibility of a project, in a particular material.