PEM® Fasteners

Penn Engineering PEM® self-clinching press-in fasteners are a useful product for all sort of mechanical attachment to sheet metal, in particular for threads in sheet metal too thin to tap. The CL series nuts are the most common and provide good threads in all common sheet metal applications. Penn also makes all sort of threaded studs, threaded standoffs, alignment pins and such, most of which are set flush leaving a smooth surface opposite the business end.

The most common PEMs can be used in steel and aluminum. We tend to stock the stainless e.g. CLS- series nuts and not the steel nuts, because the cost difference is inconsequential and the stainless parts are useful in the widest variety of applications. Beware special high-hardness SP, SO4, BSO4, FH4 etc. series PEMs are required to insert into stainless sheet, see Bulletin SS below.

The notes and advice here are suggestions for your convenience only, we bear no responsibility for them. Please refer to the Penn Engineering PEM site for far more information.


Following are embedded PDFs of the Penn Engineering / PEM® catalogs referenced by the above.

CL* self-clinching nuts:

SO* threaded standoffs:

FH* threaded studs and pins:

SS* hardened fasteners for stainless sheet: