Signs uses all the capability of our shop to make a distinctive and durable style of outdoor signage.

Our signature style signs use a stainless steel foreground, for visual depth set out in front of a Cor-Ten or steel back, TIG welded and brush finished for a clean, uniform appearance. Our signature signs typically feature a natural finish requiring no maintenance, that weathers slowly and attractively over decades.

When the budget precludes TIG welding and finishing, we simplify the fabrication using rivets or threaded fasteners to join layers of simple waterjet parts.

Waterjet-based Signage is limited only by imagination. We've tried several fabrication methods, and continue to experiment where appropriate. Large signs work best layered in contrasting metals. Smaller may work better as negative space/stencil cutouts, or combinations.

We can work with your graphic designer, work with you and/or your existing artwork, or design from scratch, as suits your need. Please email us at While we don't do on-site installations, most signs are a simple DIY installation, or otherwise easily handled by a contractor. We can recommend local contractors.

We've been honored to make signs for several prominent Vashon institutions and businesses.

Fabricated Metal Signs - signature style signs in contrasting metals

Negative Space Signs - single layer stencil cut signs

Plaques and Pendants - smaller signs using negative space and etching

Fabricated Metal Signs

Negative space/stencil signs

Plaques and Pendants