Plaques and Pendants

Stencil-cuts lettering, etched lettering and other etched and through-cut features work well for smaller scale pieces.

In general the smaller the lettering, the fewer choices of font. Under 1" letter height, font choices become utilitarian, sans serif, often compromising graphic design in order to work with the medium at all. Using fonts created specifically to work with waterjet cutting, letter height can be as small as 3/8".

Etched lettering works best at small scale, typically 1/4" to 3/8" height.

Please see waterjet etching for more examples of etched lettering and pendants.

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These letters are cut in 1/8" aluminum, then brush finished.

This going-away present was waterjet cut and etched in 5/32" copper, then polished, and the kerf-width etch filled with ink.

This uses our cursive writing etch font.

These 1/2" high letters are stencil cut in 1/4" steel.

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