Waterjet - Overview

Please browse the Waterjet menu options to learn about the range of materials and applications. For Makers and its accompanying pages show more about how to design for waterjet and what to expect.

Basic Parts - your bread-and-butter waterjet parts. Send us clean CAD for parts in stocked materials and we'll ship your small orders by UPS typically in 2 days. If you need it ASAP, orders received by 10am can often ship the same day.

Art Components - common and less-common metals: steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, silver, Damascus; glass, stone, ceramics; wood, plastic, rubber, etc.

Also see waterjet etching.

Tile, Stone and Glass - inlays and mosaics, and considerations.

Etching - waterjet etching for lettering and other visual effect.

Forming and Joining - design ideas and considerations to help use waterjet to its fullest potential for 3D projects.

"How'd you do that?" - more ways to realize the practical potential of waterjet cutting.