"I didn't know waterjet could do that"

Beyond simple waterjet-cut parts in metal sheet and plate, waterjet makes perpendicular cuts in almost any material that is relatively flat, environmentally benign, and not too brittle. (Please note it's not our style to bisect cameras or hamburgers.)

We've done all the following at least a couple times each:

  • Water-only cutting foam for form-fitting instrument cases
  • Using waterjet parts as quick & dirty press tooling for sheet metal forming and embossing
  • Bisecting castings and forgings for forensic analysis
  • Cutting custom blade shapes from already-sharp commodity blade products
  • Waterjet-etched branding irons
  • Adding NEMA cutouts to electric enclosures
  • Making etch-assisted sharp bends in sheet metal
  • Dovetail joints in steel plate
  • Theatrical GOBOs (stainless steel stencils for light projections)
  • Cutting flat stone up to 7" thick

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End notch and 3mm hole cut in a 1/4" T-handle allen wrench, cut using a precision locating fixture also made by waterjet.

Quick & dirty embossing die for 22ga steel; waterjet cut in 12ga steel and TIG welded.

Ladies' watch link waterjet cut in aluminum; then edge-drilled for spring pins. Tiny washers made quickly.

Small batch production of blades cut from single-edge razor blades; carbide-tipped battlebot blades cut from a fine crosscut sawblade.

Precise NEMA cutouts added to an existing electrical enclosure.

Two custom trunk badges for EV conversions, waterjet cut in 10 ga stainless steel, aggressively smoothed, then polished.

Branding iron etched and cut in 3/8" steel - functional but not so pretty to look at. This was several hours machine time on account of removing so much material.

Industrial felt cut clean and fairly dry using a water-only cut (no abrasive).

Click the image for video of water-only waterjet cutting foam for custom shipping case inserts.