Metal Creature Is Precision Fabrication

Metal Creature is Meadow Creature® LLC's service business. We provide waterjet-centric prototype and short-run manufacturing for artists, architects, contractors, graphic designers, industrial designers, makers, small business and industry. Our capabilities include abrasive waterjet machining, sheet metal forming, CNC machining, Welding and Fabrication, assembly, and certain other services.

We also make Architectural Grade Signs.

Our core service is quick-turn abrasive waterjet machining, leveraging our extensive raw material inventory for shipment as fast as same-day. We perform a wide range of additional services for a diverse customer base: problem-solving projects that begin with waterjet parts, augmented with press forming, CNC machining, and welding, within the space of a few days when needed. We're the only small shop in the Pacific Northwest offering a this range of processes under one roof.

Our web site is organized by processes and applications - please browse to learn what we can do for you. For design and technical information, see For Makers.

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One-off aluminum chassis with riveted nut plates

Suspended steel catwalk and railing. Greg Kruse / Potential Energy Inc.

Fabricated sign, 60 x 96", 10 ga stainless steel on TIG welded tabs; 1/4" steel behind.